​our mission

In today's fast-moving, multi-faceted surf landscape, we have a singular focus: to protect the surfboard. Our innovative packaging accommodates a wide-range of shapes and protects the most damage-prone areas in the quickest way possible. We've shipped thousands of boards and our customer base continues to grow as more people discover the advantages of our system.

Parallel to our mission is the goal to minimize our material(s) impact. Opposed to oil-based, single-use plastic, Bast is made from recycled, post-consumer paper and is reusable. Its implementation into the packaging stream displaces a considerable amount of plastic waste and benefits its user(s) via a multiple-use lifespan. After its effective use, it can biodegrade or be recycled.  

In addition to leaving a smaller footprint, Bast is easy to use, boasts quick assembly and disassembly, stores compact, and looks professional. We're confident these features will make an impression on you, your customer, and whomever else down the supply chain. So whether you're a surfboard manufacturer, shop owner, or traveler, let Bast take the pain out of packaging and protect your surfboard.