Hi Jared,
Check out this response re. a customer picking up his boards at the air cargo terminal, boards packed using BAST:
"Ok, boards swapped last night, hope the other one is on it's way to Palm Beach by now. Boards look great, can't wait to get them in the water! I was concerned about their condition when they rolled up on forklift (!) and the package was completely torn open on one side with the packaging ready to fall out (!?). Took a good look at the boards and everything was mint...those cardboard rail guards are legit. Need to save them for travel.
Thanks for making a couple really nice boards for me,

There you go, your product saved my bacon!  

Taylor. Mentawais, September 2014

Taylor Jensen, 2x World Longboard Champ

The Bast system was recommended to me by a friend, and when I had an upcoming trip to the Mentawais, I knew I wanted to give it a try.  Packing and unpacking my boards was a painless, straightforward affair.  No mountains of bubblewrap, no rolls of tape to cart along on the trip.  Re-packing my boards for the trip home was just as easy as well.
When I arrived in the Mentawais my boards came out of the boardbag looking exactly as they did when they went in, which was pretty impressive after 2 international flights, 1 domestic Indonesian flight, a ride in the back of a pickup truck and a 4 hour boat ride.  Unpacking was quick and easy, and I was the first one with his boards unpacked and ready to hit the waves.
The fact that the Bast system is re-usable, recyclable, and compostable is icing on the cake.  Now that I'm back from my trip, I've got the Bast system stored away, and plan to use it again when I head to Maui with the family.
Thanks Bast!

​"I've been using BAST for about 12 months, ever since a batch of boards came thru for me at Firewire and they arrived in the BAST protection. Before that I used to have to go to Home Depot the night before every trip and buy piping insulation and bubble wrap. That stuff only ever lasted 1 trip at best, more often only lasted one way. It was impossible to re-use once you covered it with tape. So when I got a few boards with the BAST ECO packaging on them I was frothing to test it out. It works great, I've had no dings on any trips since then, it's super easy to store while traveling and a piece of cake to re-use with the Velcro straps. There's no comparison when it comes to protection for your board in transit and the added piece of mind knowing your creating less plastic trash by using recycled materials is pretty cool. The reality of modern times is we are destroying our oceans and more importantly the planet so we all need to do whatever possible to reduce our waste for future generations, when there is an option out there like BAST that cuts down on the use of plastic by using recycled materials it really is a no brainer for me." 

"Best stuff ever bro!"

​-Wayneparagraph here.